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Guilaine Jean-Pierre | Apr 6, 2015
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Technology has impacted all aspects of our lives. Fashion continues this trend and there is no better example than iShuu Tech's Volvorii Timeless shoe. This shoe uses E Ink technology to integrate a customizable, flexible panel into a pair of high heels. Currently, we associate E Ink screens with e-readers and we've seen this technology used in a variety of different ways, from phone cases to shelf tags and now fashion.

The Volvorii shoes can connect to an iOS or Android smartphone, through a dedicated app which allows the fashionista to customize the panel. Users can pick between solid black and white designs, as well as intricate monochrome patterns. Aside from the E Ink panel, the rest of the shoes are constructed from a mixture of rubber and leather.

There's a built-in Bluetooth LE module for communication, alongside a wireless charging-enabled 200-mAh battery. According to the company, it takes around two hours to fully charge the shoes, after which they'll be good for between two to six months.

If customizing the shoes' E Ink panels isn't enough for you, the wearables also feature accessory fasteners on the front and back, allowing for users to add extra flare to their shoes.

As this is an Indiegogo project, you can't buy Volvorii Timeless smart shoes just yet, but an early bird pledge of US$249 will secure you a pair, assuming everything goes to plan. The products are available in a choice of black and white, and shipping is estimated to begin in December.

Chris Wood |Mar 30, 2015
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