A Wearable Band Aimed at Cyclists and Runners
Guilaine Jean-Pierre | Oct 26, 2015
Title: Editor
Topic category: Sports & Fitness

LEO monitors your body's complex biosignals, translating them into simple, actionable advice. The Leo, a wearable band aimed at cyclists and runners uses EMG. "We can actually use these signals to measure your lactic acid levels and alert users before they get a cramp if they are pushing the pace too hard," says founder Leonard MacEachern. "That is something which used to require going to a lab, exercising in a controlled condition, and having blood drawn, which would then be tested. Now we can show you what's happening inside your body, in real time, and on your smartphone."

Leo is mining old medical technology for new applications as the market for wearable technology explodes.

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Revolutionizing Wearable Fitness Technology
LEO: Fitness Intelligence HD

LEO integrates biosignal monitoring technology with the capabilities of all the best fitness wearables; measuring muscle activity, fatigue, heart rate, lactic acid, hydration, technique, calories, and much more. LEO translates this complex bio-data into straightforward and actionable recommendations, and notifies you if something is amiss, all in real-time.

LEO is the only wearable device with true fitness intelligence, designed to help you optimize your workout and reduce your risk of injury.
LEO Knows You!

LEO monitors your bio-signals to give you a deeper level of insight than any other fitness wearable. LEO translates complex information from your body into simple and actionable recommendations, and notifies you when something is amiss.

Everything you've seen before, is only the beginning.

LEO helps you improve your skill level and make the most of your time working out by recommending ways to increase your efficiency, improve your technique, and breeze by your former plateau!

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